Tin Can Drink Holder

How to Create a Tin Can Drink Holder!

This is a great craft to start off your summer!  Ditch the extra folding tables at your outdoor soirées and modernize with some staked drink holders!  


•    One large clean can - We purchased ours new, but you can upcycle any can for this craft.  If you are upcycling a can, you will also need sand paper.

•    Fabric - Enough to cover the can.

•    Scissors - Sharp fabric scissors are best.

•    Awl and Hammer - You can use a nail if you do not have an awl.  Just make sure the nail is wide enough to make a hole for the threaded rod to fit through.

•    Modge Podge - Both regular and outdoor Modge Podge will be needed.

•    One ¼ - 20 – 36” threaded rod

•    Two ¼” bolts

•    Two large ¼” washers

•    A 1” slice of a pool noodle

•    Embellishments - Beads, wire, strong, ribbon, burlap, etc.  

•    String, permanent marker and a ruler

•    Pencil

•    Foam board

•    Craft knife

•    Hot glue gun for embellishments

Let’s get started!

  1. Make sure the can you are using is clean.  If you are using an upcycled can, please be sure to sand down the sharp edges.  You can also choose to use the method of fabric application described in the upcoming steps to place some fabric over the sharp edges.  Safety first!

  2. Turn your can upside down and use the awl and hammer to punch a hole in the center of the bottom of the can.  You want to make sure the hole is large enough for the threaded rod to fit through.  

  3. Now take the threaded rod and screw a nut onto it about an inch down.  Next put a washer on and then put your can on the rod.  Your can should slip right on, if not, try twisting it on so that it runs along the groves of the rod.  Place a washer and then a nut onto the rod inside the can and screw in manually.

  4. In order to prevent your drink holders from tipping once you are using them, you must tighten the connection.  Use a standard wrench on the bottom nut and a socket wrench on the nut inside the can.  Use them at the same time to tighten the connection.  You should be able to feel the difference in the stability of your drink holder once the connection has been fully secured.  Lay the rod away from you on the table so that you have easy access to the can for the rest of the project.

  5. Measure your can so that you know how large to cut your fabric.  I like to add on a half inch to the length of the measurement so that my fabric overlaps on the can.  An easy way to measure is to use a string around the can, mark off your measurement with a permanent marker, then lay the string down on a ruler to get the exact dimensions.

  6. You can use a ruler to mark your fabric with the can dimensions.  However, I prefer to use a template.  I marked the dimensions of my can on foam board and cut it out using a craft knife (be careful!) and a straight edge.  Place the template on top of the wrong side of the fabric (that means the back) and trace around it using a pencil.  Now cut along your traced lines using scissors and check to make sure that your fabric fits around the can the way you want it to.

  7.  Use the regular Modge Podge and a foam brush to coat the outside of your can.  I find it easier to do if I place one of my hands in the can and use it to rotate the can while I apply the Modge Podge.  

  8. Place your fabric around the coated can.  Your fabric may overlap at the end and that is fine.  Just make sure you put some of the adhesive underneath the overlapping section of fabric so that it is flat.  Smooth out any bubbles and remove any stray thread from your fabric.

  9. Use the outdoor Modge Podge to seal the top of your fabric.  Make sure you cover the entire piece of fabric and smooth out the Modge Podge.  Don’t worry if there are lines of white Modge Podge, it dries completely clear.

  10. Wait for your Modge Podge to dry.  This is the perfect time to grab a drink!

  11. It is time to get creative!  Once your Modge Podge dries, use embellishments to make your drink holder your own.  We have used sparkles, beads and wire, burlap, ribbon, paint, glue, scrapbooking supplies, etc.  You pretty much can’t go wrong here!  If you like it, use it.

  12. Now you are ready to relax and enjoy your drink holder!  Find a suitable place in your yard to stake the drink holder, pull up a chair, and enjoy!  Cheers!