craftivate @ The Monarch Workshop

Weaving my way through the crowd to my assigned seat, I found I was lucky enough to be placed next to Latanya Barrett (real life unicorn!) of Sprinkles and Booze. My seat was adorned with the swaggiest of swag bags, donning the uplifiting directives “Thrive / Fly / Conquer”.  It was stuffed to the gills with business cards, memberships, discounts, notecards, body products, confetti and a number of other items provided by sponsors.  Placed at each seat was one of the most valuable items of all, the...

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In Memory of My Furbaby, Autumn.

Happy Monday, all!

Not feeling my usual happy, crafty self this week. We lost a very important, loyal and loving member of our family; our doggie, Autumn. She was our 8 year old Weimaraner and big sister to our human children. It's hard to feel inspired when your heart is sad, but we always have...

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That Time in Tahoe

Come on now, we all have some sort of "bucket list". Whether it is small or big, realistic or far out there, we all have one. And yes, I DO have one. I adjust it from time to time, but I can do that, because it's all mine (wink!).

When my cousin-in-law announced that he was getting married in Tahoe (ahhhhh) I was so excited. Welp, Tahoe is on my list, perfect!! 

So with that, let me introduce you to my Tahoe "ing" list...

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