Trying to be that woman...

Jenn Chapin, craftivate

Be the woman you want your daughter to become.
— Unknown

How powerful is that? Read it, really let it sink in.

At first, I feel a sense of comfort, I get the “ooohh, how sweet and inspiring is that” feeling. I love my little so much, this will be easy peasy, I AM the woman I want her to become. Then from there, I think, “the love I have for my daughter is the most powerful thing I have ever felt.” Upon reading it again, truly, TRULY letting it set in, right there in the pit of my stomach, I feel a sense of slight anxiety, my heart flutters a bit. The pressure is then THERE, the pressure to assure that I am the woman that I want my daughter to become. Especially because from the day she was born, I am the one that is with her all day, every day. She looks up to me, she learns from me, relies on me. She lays in bed with me, we cuddle, she tells me she loves my heart, hell, she even tells me that I am her “breast friend”. Yup, that is how she spouts out, “best friend”.

Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. I get that, I know that. I have days where I am just not feeling it, not sure about things, I can almost go into a fog and at times, question oh too many things. That feeling of uncertainty. Then… lightbulb. This is okay, this is normal, (whatever the hell normal is, what is normal anyway.). Okay, this is MY normal. This is what I know is okay for us. Then I make myself take a deep breath, I engage in a mind-clearing moment.

Then I remember the things that I preach to myself and to my little family. The morals and values I want instilled in the three of us.

  • There are things in your control and things out of your control.

  • It is okay to cry.

  • It is okay to talk about how you feel.

  • Memories over materials.

  • Life’s ultimate success is to be happy.

  • Find your passion and live it, who cares if they’re not someone else’s, hell, that is even better.

  • Be YOU, love you.

  • And, try new things, even if it may scare you a little.

So, that “try new things even if it scares you a little” mantra.

All of my professional experiences through college and in my traditional work life were revolved around my ultimate passion; helping people. It was like a natural high, a borderline obsession, it was my calling. Even though my life revolved around the social service and food policy arena, whether it was event planning, fundraising, at a shelter, working on self sufficiency programs or sitting in the chambers at city hall as a food policy commissioner, another big part of me, that was somewhat in the shadows, was the creative and artsy side in me. I am a visual person. I am a visual learner, always have been, I am drawn to design, I love to create things, I love photographs, I love taking photographs. But this is something you do in your spare time, it is a hobby, nothing more.

Back in January of this year, Amy and I had a few weeks of going back and forth talking about how one day we need to start a creative business together. Me, I could never do that. But, I kept imagining it, thinking of the what ifs. Dreaming of the oohs and ahhs. Amy jumped in, she moved forward, telling me, you keep thinking about it. At that point, I could never have imagined to have done anything else but help people. Be back to what I had been doing before having my daughter. After all, that was my calling. Back to that feeling of uncertainty. I was at a crossroads. What will continue to ignite my passion, what will allow me greater flexibility to enjoy my daughter as she grows up?

After a few months of thinking, really thinking, Brooke and I jumped in. Yup, we joined Amy on her endeavor, our endeavor. Great friends. The once-upon-a-time story time Moms turned neighborhood park revitalizers turned business partners. Wow! This is really happening. While there is a tiny bit of fear in me, I am excited for what the future holds. And that is pretty fabulous, isn’t it?

And I mean, as long as we can do a craftivate fundraiser each year and I can volunteer in my personal time, I will be complete (wink). And who said art doesn’t help people? It whole-heartedly does. Then there is the whole area of art therapy. Ohhhh, do I dare go back to school (no comment on that at this time).

After all, what is life all about. I mean “you don’t GO through life, you GROW through life.” That hit the nail on the head! That is life. That is the example I want to lead for my daughter. We grow, we change, we adapt. That is the woman I AM always striving to be, that I am, that is the the woman I want my daughter to become.

Now off I go, creating my life.

XO Jenn

P.S. Teaser & Free Printable

Ah, here is a little teaser of what I am working on now. Stay tuned for my next blog post for a little tutorial and some pictures. Can you guess what it is that I will be making? Post in the comments section below. If you share this blog post with others via Facebook, I will email you the printable version of the blog post quote I designed (shown at beginning of post), for free!! If you have a son, I will customize it for you to read, "Be the person you want your child to become". Here I go, hey it's the giver in me, what can I say.

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