The Beginning: When You Just Know

Amy Stamp, craftivate

Suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
— Unknown

Our first blog post!  Yea!!!!  Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!  

I am so stinking excited to introduce you to Craftivate!!!!!  We make it simple.  You make it yours.


I’m Amy, owner and founder of Craftivate, a business using an innovative approach to foster the creation of captivating crafts. My absolutely fabulous team consists of Brooke and Jenn, two talented and hardworking women.  Craftivate is an idea that popped into my head one night late last year.  I immediately knew that I had stumbled upon something worthy of more than just a second thought.

It was December 2014, I was sitting at Brooke’s dining room table with Jenn and a few other friends.  We were mixing up a peppermint sugar scrub and enjoying a nice glass of wine (a great pinot noir by Angeline).  Then it hit me.  Without any hesitation, I blurted out my brand spanking new idea to my friends who were busy laughing about how we forgot to add the peppermint essential oil.  “People like to craft.  People like to drink.  Shouldn’t people be given the opportunity to combine them?  I should do what we are doing right now, but as a business.  Crafts and cocktails!!!!”  

“Crafts and Cocktails, that needs to happen now!  I love this idea! People will love this idea!  I would buy a ticket to a crafts and cocktails night, would you?” In response to my outburst, a few nods and a couple of encouraging words flew around the table until the customary 2.2 seconds passed and the group moved on to a new topic.  We are never at a loss for conversation so this momentum did not surprise me.  What did surprise me though was that I couldn’t let the idea go.

While the conversation barreled forward, I was stuck.  What if someone had been there to guide us through making the sugar scrub?  We wouldn’t have forgotten the essential oil.  Someone would have directed us while our raucous socializing continued into the night. I ruminated, imagining the potential.  The little spark inside me was alight and growing stronger by the second. 

My thoughts began to branch out beyond crafts and cocktails and I began to realize the great amount of possibility that I had stumbled upon.  My pondering led me to this… DIY is fantastic, but can be isolating… so, why not DIT?  Do It Together!!!!! What’s really exciting to me is the prospect of crafting together.  Sharing knowledge, learning together, building a supportive community of crafters and making the sometimes-intimidating DIY project more approachable for the average Joe or Jane.  

Then that nasty little bugger, doubt, crept in. “Who am I to start a business?  I can’t do this.  This is a crazy idea.”  No, no, no!  Doubt will not win!  Focus.  I told myself, “wait… I am an art teacher.  I am a certified art educator in the State of CT.  I have a B.S. from NYU in Graphic Communications.  I am an experienced teacher and artist.  I am talented.  I am smart.  I am passionate.  I am strong.  I am an arts and crafts junkie looking for a fix.  There must be others out there looking for an innovative take on crafts and a real life community of crafters.  I can make this happen.  I can figure this out.  I can do this.”

Amy will be right back…She is the above writer, and Craftivate mastermind.  It’s about 9:20 p.m. and after an entourage of police, fire and ambulance just whooshed by the house, her 3 year old son needs his momma.  Amy is a mom, a wonderful mom of two little chickies.  I’m sitting in her living room admiring all of her little creative and artistic touches around the house.  As a graphic communications major and former high school art teacher, Amy does have an eye for design, and it shows.  

Ah, here she comes…

That was Brooke, the magical angel who showed up on my doorstep with a full mug of tea.  Not a travel mug folks, a regular mug you would use in your kitchen.  How did she not spill it all over herself on the ride over here?  The world may never know.  But I digress… As I was saying… “I can do this!”  What I decided to do was focus.

Focus on the possibilities this idea has to offer.  Focus on the passion and love of art that has flowed through my veins since I was a child.  Focus on the moments in my life that have brought me to here and now.  Focus on turning my idea into a reality.  Focus on what crafters need and want.  Focus on creating something innovative and exciting.  Focus on dreaming big.

Fast-forward a few months...

I am crazy excited and everything is awesome!  After much thought, many meetings and tons of decision making, I give you…

My passion for craftivate is palpable.  I am over the moon thrilled to provide people with countless opportunities to tap into their creativity and fall in love with crafting.  This is just the beginning of craft and cocktail events, party crafts, kid crafts, classes, easy to follow instruction, a community of crafters, a website, a blog and so much more.  

With craftivate, the possibilities truly are endless.  I can’t wait to tell you more about all I hope to do for you, our followers and customers, as I begin this creative entrepreneurial journey.  I am truly blessed to have so much support and encouragement from my family and friends.  I am also especially grateful for my out of this world team, Brooke and Jenn.  You got to meet Brooke for a hot second in this post.  Over the next couple of weeks you will get to know both of them and you will see for yourself how flippin’ fantastic they are.

On a final note, I’d like to let you know that Craftivate is just as much yours as it is mine. It is only by tapping into your own creativity that Craftivate can reach its true potential.  Attend events, sign up for classes, visit our social media pages and website, read our blog (just like you are now), comment, share with your friends and become part of our community of crafters.  You hold in your hands the power to create more than you can imagine.  Embrace that power.  It’s time to start dreaming big!

Here’s to living a sassy, crafty, happy life!


And so it goes...