Wanted: Creative Routine

New routines can feel awkward, odd, or uncomfortable, but we all need to step out of our comfort zones in order to give our souls much needed room to grow.  Creativity feeling a little lackluster lately?  You're not alone.  For most of us, creativity doesn't strike in like a flash of lightening, it takes some time, thought, organization, commitment and appreciation. Looking for longterm change?  A creative routine may be just what you're missing... 

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10 Steps to Creative Bliss & The Myth About Creativity

"A crafts and cocktails night? I'm not creative, I can't do that," you say?

You say you are not crafty, creative, or artsy. You can't even draw a stick figure, never mind a straight line. You are all left brain, all analytics. No glitter, no glue guns, no paint. You'll just come for the cocktails, not the crafts. Poppycock I say! It is my belief that anyone, and I mean anyone, can be creative...

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