A (Creative) Leap of Faith

Brooke Cadett, craftivate

Ahh! A blog post... ooffah, never done this before, but here goes... my. first. blog.

The artist never entirely knows — We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.
— Agnes de Mille

Kinda sounds like life, huh?  Leaping into the dark...  A little scary.  The unknown.  The “what if”.  But that unknown, that “leap into the dark” can be exhilarating and we, as humans, take risks every day; we make mistakes and adjust accordingly.  Somehow, we make it work (dental floss and duct tape).  We are little artists in a life long commitment to making life beautiful - best project ever!  We have moments we are proud of and others that could use a little tweaking, but we push on and plow through the “oopsies,” take another leap and keep on keepin’ on.  Our lives are our art and we influence the art of those around us every day.  

I hesitate to identify myself as an artist. It sounds a little pish-posh to me.  I blush at the idea. I’m critical of myself and sometimes I’m hesitant to share my art, and I certainly don’t “leap into the dark” until after long, agonizing contemplation (type A over here).  But at my core, I know it... I’m an (eek) artist.  Ahh, there, I said it!  I’M AN ARTIST.  I love to create.  I love to find inspiration in colors and textures.  I long to be covered in modge podge, with fabric scraps clinging to my shirt and glitter in all the wrong places.  I look best with paint smudged on my face, and feel super proud when sharing something I made with others (heck yea!  I did that!).  I look forward to one day having my own dreamy little creative space - um, “she-shed” anyone? - but in the meantime I’m happy to lose my dining room table under a pile of potential.  I am an artist and it makes me happy.   

So what makes an artist an artist?   Must an artist evoke emotion through her work?  Do her creations have to be recognizable?  Or is it much simpler?  If we have the desire and passion to create, why not?  You just might be an (eek!) artist, too.  Art can be so many things to so many people:  an outlet, therapy, expression, application of skill, a means of living...  For me, it’s simply my happy place.  It allows me to express myself and share with others.  It's a chance to create something from nothing, and stand back and say, “hey, not too shabby, but maybe next time I can…”  And then take my next leap.  

Leap with me fellow artists.  The dark can be lonely, I’d like some company!

Make it pretty, make it messy, make you happy!