Tutorial: A No-Sew Bow Tie

Brooke Cadett, craftivate

So we're celebrating a big birthday in our household!  My daughter is turning 4 next week and every big birthday needs an even bigger party!  And I'm a "theme-er".  You know what I mean:  matchy-matchy, DIY details, everything coordinated with a, well, theme.  And this year's theme:  Tea Party!  Except one little snafu…what about the boys?  The girls are easy with their tutus, pearls and flowery hats, but the boys, hmm…they threw me for a loop.  Thinking, thinking, and then it hit me:  bow ties!  Ta-da!  How flippin' cute!   So here's my super cute, wicked easy, no-sew bow tie tutorial!

MATERIALS (per bowtie):

[ ] Fabric 

- 9" x 5" for the bow tie
- 1/2" x 2" for the center
- 1" x 1/2" to cover the back (optional)

[ ] 1 (1/4" diameter) Wooden Dowel

[ ] Hot glue gun and glue

[ ] Scissors

[ ] Ruler

[ ] Iron (just to smooth our any wrinkles in the fabric)


1. Assuming your fabric has a few wrinkles, quickly run your iron over the top to smooth it out.  

2. Cut 3 pieces of fabric for your bow tie:  9" x 5" for the bow tie,  2" x 1/2" for the center, 1/2" x 1/2" to cover the back.  

3. Lay your 9" x 5" piece of fabric horizontally (long edge towards you) and fold the top down about 1 1/2".

4. Next fold the bottom up about 1 1/2"  (now your fabric should be folded in thirds). 

5. Lay your ruler on the bottom edge of your fabric to help you with the next part.  Fold the left side in towards the middle about 2 1/2"

6. Then fold the right side in towards the middle about 2 1/2".  You should be left with about 4" left to right. 

7. Pinch the middle (think letter "W") and add a drop of hot glue to the center of the back (where all of the folds overlap).

8. Secure one end of your 1/2" x 2" fabric strip to the glue drop and carefully wrap it around the middle of your "bow".  

9. Secure the other end of strip with another glue drop.  

10. Now you should have a cute little bow tie!  

11. On the back, center of the bow tie, place a drop of glue and attach one end of your wooden dowel.  

12. If you'd like to cover the top of the dowel with fabric, use your smallest piece of fabric (1" x 1/2") to do so.  I folded my fabric in thirds (horizontally) and put a small strip of hot glue from the left of the dowel, over the top and to the right, and laid the fabric strip across.  I thought this gave it a slightly more polished look. 

I wanted my bow ties to be something the boys could hold, like a photo booth prop, but I also made a few and glued them on to barrettes for my daughter!  Adorbs!  

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial! I'd love to hear what you think and see what you've done with them!  Feel free to ask any questions, as well. 

Happy Bow-ing!