That Time in Tahoe

Jenn Chapin, craftivate

Come on now, we all have some sort of "bucket list". Whether it is small or big, realistic or far out there, we all have one. And yes, I DO have one. I adjust it from time to time, but I can do that, because it's all mine (wink!).

When my cousin-in-law announced that he was getting married in Tahoe (ahhhhh) I was so excited. Welp, Tahoe is on my list, perfect!! 

So with that, let me introduce you to my Tahoe "ing" list.

My "ING" List:

What is "ing"? That thing that moves you, the thing that really speaks to you... you know what I mean, your "go to" that just makes you feel good.

Mak-ING - Memories, all day everyday.

Cook-ING - For breakfast, daily - eggs with a side of arugula, avocado, lime, scallions, dill, cucumbers, peppers.

Drink-ING - Pliny the Elder beer, a local red wine, that I do not recall the name of and Tito's, tonic, & fresh lime.

Read-ING - Miracles Now - Gabby Bernstein - for the second time - a refresher is always good for the soul.

Want-ING - a genuine, made in Tahoe, souvenir - went to Etsy for that. We weren't in Tahoe for long, just 5 days. I needed to find something MADE there - Here are things made in Lake Tahoe.

Look-ING - at the lake, the shades of blues are breathtaking. The colors at sunset as a backdrop with the mountains, speechless - see above, uh, honestly, ahhhhhmazing!

Dream-ING - of a cute little home on this lake.

Lov-ING - breathing in the fresh air of the lake and mountains.

My FAVORITES of Tahoe:

Favorite Nightlife Hangout - Base Camp Beer Garden (Just Perfect All Around)

Favorite Place for Casual Dinner - Artemis Lakefront Cafe (Fab Greek Food & Local Beer)


Favorite Place for Appetizers & Drinks - Azul (Nachos & Local Beer)

Lunch Spot/Pub Grub - MacDuff's Irish Pub (All Food & Drinks were greatest! - And for those in CT, we met one of the owners, there is on here in Greenwich, too!).

Top Three "Touristy" Things - Heavenly Gondola, Emerald Bay & Safari Rose Happy Hour Cruise.

Every time I go somewhere new, I get more of a creative insight to my life. You get an extra "oomph" so-to-speak. Can not wait to share with you one of my favorite places we go annually. That place is a true inspiration and sure put an extra pep in my step. Do you have a place that does that to you? If so, please share below in the comments.

Here's to new places and new adventures. To a creative spark and extra pep in your step. I mean, let's face it, while I am thankful for my family and friends, a roof over my head and healthy food, traveling is so good for the soul. Soooo good. 

Cheers to creating happiness,