Wanted: Creative Routine

Brooke Cadett, craftivate

... we all need to step out of our comfort zones in order to give our souls much needed room to grow.
— Brooke

Wanted - Creative routine:  must fit into current, impossibly hectic daily schedule, like stretchy pants, iced coffee and constant interruption by tiny humans.  Serious inquiries only.

New routines can feel awkward, odd or uncomfortable, but we all need to step out of our comfort zones in order to give our souls much needed room to grow.  Creativity feeling a little lackluster lately?  You're not alone.  For most of us, creativity doesn't strike in like a flash of lightening, it takes some time, thought, organization, commitment and appreciation.   Looking for longterm change?  A creative routine may be just what you're missing. 

Open yourself to the beauty of creativity and customize a simple routine that fits your creative needs.

Find Time:

This can mean a couple of things depending on who you are and what your schedule looks like.  Some of us are just BUSY!  We already have 6:00 a.m. pilates/carpools/presentations/trains to catch and routines in place that are exhausting just to think about.  So to find time means to make time, but this doesn't (it shouldn't) have to be overwhelming.  It can be as simple as 15-20 minutes maybe once a week, where you just clear your head of all the life clutter that is driving you mad and sit with the purpose of making yourself let go.  

For those of us who have time, finding time might mean finding the time of day that most inspires you.  Maybe you need to wake up early, practice your morning meditation and watch the sun rise with your favorite mug of tea.  Or perhaps you're more of a night owl and prefer to unwind after a long day,  kick up your feet and reflect on whatever the heck just happened.  

Either way, set aside time.  Write it down on your calendar (or the back of your hand, if you're Jenn) and treat it as an appointment; an appointment with your creative side.  

Create a welcoming space:

This, for me, is super important to getting my creative groove on.  I need space, clutter free, organized and inspiring.   Recently we had friends move out of state to Tennessee and they were getting rid of this great little secretary's desk.  The glass doors were shattered and the moulding details had been torn out by one of their 3 handsome little devils.  It needed a little TLC and I was super stoked when they posted in on Facebook for FREE!   A few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint, sandpaper kisses, pretty new glass doors and WHAMMO!  I had a new creative space!  AND my kitchen table back (well, kinda…)!   Now it holds all my sparkly, crafty treasures:  fabric, glitter, notecards, washi tape, spare picture frames (just in case!), my (new) collection of vintage teacups -- remember that tea party I wrote about -- pretty things, fun and colorful, inspiring and organized.  This is a space where magic can happen.

So find and designate a creative space.  Surround yourself with beautiful things you love and that fill you with joy.  Keep your artsy glam candy close by and feel it calling to you, beckoning, inspiring you to bring something beautiful into the world.  

Get comfortable:

If you are going to be getting down with your creative self, you have to be comfortable, physically comfortable.  Whether that means your favorite yoga pants and an easy breezy tank top, or your coziest oversized college hoodie (that may or may not have belonged to an ex boyfriend…no judgement), you want to be able to move as well as not stress if you spill a little paint/modge podge/chamomile tea on your lap.   

Think too, about your surroundings:  do you prefer music or quiet?  At your desk or curled on the couch?  Windows open or the soothing, repetitive hum of a fan? Think about what will make you feel most relaxed and able to focus on creating.  

Time to Unleash:

So you've made the time, designated and organized a space and wiggled into some coziness; the required prerequisites of a creative routine have been accomplished.  Now you just have to make it your own, get your creative juices flowing… maybe start by sharpening all of your colored pencils or organizing your sequin collection; gotta love color coordination! 

Maybe you're still in the planning phase and want to take this time to daydream about what you want to create.  Flip through some creative magazines and take notes, tag pages that speak to you or clip out images and make a collage. There is no restriction nor limit to what you can do with this time.  This is your routine, your space, your hoodie… do something you love or try something new.  Journal, sketch, paint, doodle, bake, sew… that's the beauty.  This time is for whatever makes you happy and fulfills that little piece of you that craves beauty, color, taste or texture.  So get to making!  It's on the schedule now.

Have a creative routine of your own?  Tips or tricks that help you get into the making mood?  Feel free to share in the comments!  I'd love to hear about it!

Happy making, XO,