Makers Gonna Make: MKindred | Plus a Giveaway

Jenn Chapin, craftivate

First, checkout all of that MLING on Keri’s wrist in the photo above. Yes, MLING, you know, MKindred Bling.
— Me

Being friends with someone since you were a child is something that can not be taken from you. Being friends with someone since you were a child and having those countless memories that only now feel like dreams because they seem just too good to be true... that is an amazing friend, we had it damn good together. We still do. This friend I speak of is my soul sister, Keri. 

For as long as I can remember, Keri has been nothing less than obsessed with jewelry. Keri would accessorize with only the latest and greatest embellishments of jewels from the little shops in Wickford since we were pre-teens. While most of us were wearing mood rings and chokers (we grew up in the 90's, so come on now), Keri was wearing gems and stones that only a kindred spirit would wear. 

Fast forward to 20 years later, present day, she is now a partner with her friend Mel in what I consider the best stacking bracelet small biz out there, MKindred.

MKindred. "What is that?", you ask:

"Inspirational jewelry created using semi precious gemstone with sterling silver and 22k gold plated charms. The MKindred line is all about seeking and finding what calls to you! Discover the positive vibes that emanates from both stone and charm. Each bracelet is handmade with love by Melanie Ryan and Keri Marden. Come adorn your being with MKindred available at JWGraham in Wickford, RI." (Also, now available online via their website and many other boutique shops in New England.)

Now because I have recently partnered with friends as a "Creative Consultant" in this new amazingness called "craftivate", I just had to do a blog post on my bestie and her creative business. It only seemed appropriate. Although we do not live in the same state any longer (I left sweet RI 9 years ago, after college), I am in the neighboring state and we are lucky enough to still continue making magical memories. So, just last weekend we added to our endless memory bank and I got to ask her some questions. 

What year did you start MKindred? 2014

What was your very first bracelet design and what was the meaning behind it? Protection. 14 K gold plated hamsa with laborite gemstones. The hamsa is a symbol of protection with the laborite meaning spiritual awakening.

Very fitting for a new endeavor to make this bracelet, wouldn't you say.

What inspired you to start a small business? It came from a lifelong love of jewelry and jewelry making. Two kindred spirits then came together, (Mel and myself) and are enjoying the journey of working towards creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for all. 

How many bracelets have you made so far? We have made thousands of bracelets over the last year/two years and have loved every minute of it. We have made custom bracelets in addition to necklaces as well. 

Where is your favorite place to go? The ocean. Such a calming place to go to clear your head, rejuvenate and get inspired. 

And what do you know, Keri and I were at the ocean during all of this. At our favorite spot, THEE rocks in RI. It's a secret spot, I don't dare to share (wink, not so secret, but it's okay).

If you had to choose a go to song right now, what would it be? Am I Wrong, by Nico & Vance - I always hear this song at just the right time to remind us to keep moving forward and to just believe.

Do you have any advice for future creators and makers? Never give up! Keep creating, keep believing and never lose your passion. When you believe in something fully, others will, too!

Makers Gonna Make, Makers Gonna Give: Giveaway Time!

This beauty you see here, just like all of the MKindred jewelry, has meaning. From the stones to the charms. 

This one here, the charm, the lock, means "love". 

The two precious stones, labradorite and amazonite, their meanings, below:

  1. labradorite: (grey-ish stone) "stone of enlightenment" - brings positivity, strength and a touch of magic to all situations.
  2. amazonite: (aqua-ish stone) "stone of healing" - rejuvenates energy, harmony and balance.

Okay, who does not need that combo of meaning in their life. We allllll do, thank you! 

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The giveaway will be announced this Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 10:00 pm eastern time.

Good Luck, All!!

XO Jenn