Music is the Soundtrack of Our Life

Jenn Chapin, craftivate

It's something about music. Whether it’s the beat or the words, heck even both at times. It can make you feel a certain way. It can bring you back to a time long ago; your very first memories, childhood, family get togethers, road trips, time with friends, your first love, a break up, parties, marriage, having children and so on. 

Music has the power to make us smile, make us feel happy, it can make us feel heartache. Music can bring us to all types of tears. It can carry us back in time and inspire us to even dance in the moment. Whether it is in the car, in the middle of your house or in the dressing room while trying on clothes… music can make you dance, period.

For all of our happiest days, and for our not so happy days, there is music. And each and every chapter of our life, there is music. Dick Clark says it best, “music is the soundtrack of your life.” What is your soundtrack? Think about it. Here, I will give you the 10 songs/bands for me that I think of first. Introducing the (very abridged) soundtrack to my life. By the way, this is fun, try doing it!

  1. These Dreams, Heart - 1985 (Brings me back to first memories at 2 years old.)
  2. Livin' On a Prayer, Bon Jovi - 1986 (This song reminds me of going to Capron Park as a child.)
  3. Pump Up The Jam, Tecehnotronic - 1989 (Making couch forts in my cousins' basement; childhood at its finest.)
  4. I Think We're Alone Now, Tiffany - 1987 (Reminds me of going to Toys R' Us - I have no clue why.)
  5. Tom Petty, The Cars, Boston, Chicago, U2 (Interstate summer road trips with my Dad)
  6. Titanic Soundtrack and Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack (Sleepovers at best friends house. We would play these on repeat while we would sleep.)
  7. Shoop, Salt & Peppa (first memories are memorizing all of the words while waiting in line at the PPAC in Providence, RI, during an elementary field trip. And, there are more memories growing up of this song.)
  8. Take My Breathe Away, Berlin (First date with husband, watching "Top Gun" - Also, I walked down he aisle at my wedding to the instrumental version of this.)
  9. Bob Marley, Gold Album (I would listen to this over and over while on bed rest/pregnant with my daughter. We still listen to this regularly.)
  10. Halo, Beyonce (brings me to the time my daughter was itty bitty and I would hold her and dance with her. We still do this time and again.) 

Lyrics can be so powerful and incredibly heartfelt. It is because of this that I love to give the gift of lyrics to those I love and care about on a special occasion. For baby showers, I design and frame a line or two of lyrics from “Mommy & Daddy’s First Dance Song”. For a bridal shower, I do the same but with the song in which the bride-to-be will be walking down the aisle. This is a simple and beautiful momento that undoubtedly will be ooh’d, ahh’d and loved. Each time you look at the lyrics, it is a reminder of that special someone, that special time in your life. Priceless. Memories. Music.

Here are a few of the lyric inspired gifts that I have given to friends.

Now, get inspired, whether it is from music or that glass of wine you are holding in solitude after a long day. Off I go creating my life, one memory and one minute at a time.